Where’s Mitt Romney been? Oh, just filling up the tank, looking like hell.


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so i was watching the rugrats movie for the first time in like 10 years and

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Political analysts have just declared Romney has an unfair advantage in the swing-state of Colorado. Citizens of Colorado find Romney more appealing, because like their state, he is a square.

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A lovely story about Romney/Ryan.

“They dont know how to drive”

~they’re sippin on a slurpee~

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I am going to start a blog about living in a Small minded-Republican town. This is just so stupid. AHHHHHHHHHH I JUST WANT THE ELECTION DAY TO BE HERE ALREADY! 

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actual footage of gays destroying the sanctity of marriage

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Dear everyone above the age of 18 as of 11/6/12…

Please…For the Love of everything good in the world…


For reals. 

Like, don’t sit around and complain that Romney won (God forbid), when you’re able to vote….but didn’t.

Same goes for you who are voting against Obama.

Just please vote. 

Just do it.

Oh, and then buy Halo 4 when you’re done. 


I’m sick of seeing Mittens face everywhere. I’m sick of seeing “Romney and Ryan: America’s Comeback Team” signs on my way to school every morning. I’m sick of stupid kids who know nothing about politics bash Obama. I’m sick of kids saying that the only reason Obama is going to win is because he’s black. I’m sick of people saying “Obama had his chance, he didn’t fix the economy”. I’m sick of HAVING to explain to people that change is going to take more then four years. I’m sick of the political debates everyday at school. I’m especially sick of the Facebook posts from “republican 15 year olds” who only support Romney because their parents do. 

The thing that sucks the most…is that even if Obama wins…I have to sit on Facebook and read statuses from a bunch of rednecks complaining about on Facebook.

Ahhhh I love election years :) 



Gregory Peck & Mary Badham in To Kill a Mockingbird

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